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The Duck Banding Recovery Map Server allows users to map the banding site locations of Canadian banded ducks recovered from a specific state or province. To help keep the database small and manageable only ducks banded between 1986 and 2003 are included and all non duck species were removed. Too see a complete listing of the species in the database please scroll down this page or click here

To select a recovery region simply select one of the drop down menu's under the "Select a Recovery Region" title. Upon choosing a region (province or state) the map will refresh the map to illustrate the banding locations in Canada. A statistics table will also be generated with the top 3 Canadian provinces and the top 5 recovered species of ducks recovered in your chosen region.

The data used in this application was obtained from the USGS



Button Descriptions
Print: Clicking this icon will open a new window with the map image and the associated statistics tables in a layout as well as opening the printer dialog window allowing you to click Print to print the map.
Clear Selection: This button clears the map and resets it back to its default setting.
Help: Clicking this button opens an extensive help document.
Species Table
  The following is a list of all species included as well as the total number recovered
American Black Duck 6865   King Eider 2
American Green-Winged Teal 2726   Lesser Scaup 282
American Wigeon 630   Mallard 129450
Barrow's Goldeneye 47   Northern Pintail 5074
Blue-Winged Teal 6287   Northern Shoveler 109
Bufflehead 73   Redhead 1593
Canvasback 667   Ring-Neck Duck 568
Cinnamon Teal 12   Ruddy Duck 25
Common Eider 4   White-winged Scoter 5
Common Goldeneye 59   Wood Duck 2440
Common Merganser 3   Mallard X Black Duck 473
Gadwall 1120   Other Hybrid Duck 1
Greater Scaup 11   Red-breasted Merganser 1
Harlequin Duck 101   Unidentified Teal 2
Hooded Merganser 80      
Trouble Shooting

·         If you experience trouble viewing a map page or are receiving errors first try pressing the F5 function key at the top of your keyboard to reload the map service. If that doesn't work please delete Internet Explorer’s Temporary Internet Files and reload the DU Internet Map Server as follows:

·         From your web browser’s Tools menu choose Internet Options…

·         Under the General tab, click on Delete Files…

·         Check the Delete all offline content check box, and click OK.